Three Types of Exercise That Can Unlock Mental Freedom

It is common knowledge that exercise touts a long list of advantages for whole-body wellness. But physical activity works to boost mental health too. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sad, or stressed, a new exercise routine may help you clear your mind. Check out these three types of exercise that lead to mental freedom.

1. Yoga

Yoga is one type of holistic exercise that benefits the mind as much as the body. Where other forms of physical fitness focus primarily on your outer being, yoga focuses just as much on the inner self. This allows those who practice this ancient art to experience natural anxiety relief while learning to control their mental responses to stress. Through meditation, breathing practices, deep relaxation, and exercises geared toward clearing the mind, participants can achieve mental freedom. Yoga ranges from gentle to strenuous and can be done in many different settings – there’s something for everyone!   

2. Running

Running is another form of exercise that aids in mental freedom. It’s a cardiovascular activity that gets the blood pumping and oxygen surging. Because it’s a total body workout that requires a lot of energy, it can be challenging! The challenging nature of running naturally causes your focus to shift away from the stress of present problems, future worries, and the drama of yesterday. Instead, you end up thinking about how hard you’re breathing, or how many more miles you’re going to run. Additionally, the cardio causes your body to send signals to your brain to release endorphins, improving your mood and lowering your stress.

3. Cycling 

Cycling, whether done indoors on a stationary bike or outside among nature, has been proven to be helpful for both mental and physical health. It increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, allowing more capillaries to grow. More capillaries result in improved memory, reasoning, and cognitive ability. This form of exercise can also be a mood booster. Just as yoga and running can lower anxiety and increase your feel-good hormones, cycling can do the same. Higher levels of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and cannabinoids are all perks of taking a spin on your bike for your mental health. 

With three amazing exercise options like these, you’ll be on the road to mental freedom in no time. You won’t regret improving your physical health by prioritizing your mental health. So choose your favorite exercise, find a workout partner, and get started today!

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