Work-Life Balance: How to Use Goal Setting to Improve Your Life

Entrepreneurs work extremely hard to ensure their businesses thrive. Even once you’ve achieved a level of success that is beyond your wildest dreams, there will still be new goals waiting to be conquered. Success without growth creates a stagnant environment, business and mindstate. As an entrepreneur, you never want to get too comfortable with where you are, so you pour more time into your business. But, at what cost?

Often times, more awake hours are spent bettering the business than are spent relaxing or fellowshipping with loved ones. While it is tempting to give all you’ve got to your growing business, your health and relationships are even more important and worthy of your focus. Maybe it’s time to consider setting a goal to improve your work-life balance.

If you think you’ve already mastered this, take a step back and challenge your assessment. Write your weekly schedule down and include both work and home activities. Be honest about how much time you spend doing each, then compare your totals. Afterward, take it a step further and seek an outside opinion. Ask your friends and family whether they’d agreed with your conclusion. Ask whether they feel that you’ve been missing out on quality time. Sometimes our loved ones empathize with our dedication to our careers and consequently do all that they can to invite us to fewer events or avoid verbalizing how much they truly miss us. Your family may be making similar accommodations without you even detecting the change.

Also note that physical presence doesn’t equal mental presence. Time spent together isn’t as meaningful if you don’t completely disconnect from work (no interrupting emails or phone calls). Quality time requires that the attention you give to the people in front of you be nothing short of undivided attention. If you haven’t been giving that to your loved ones, now is the perfect time to start.

If you’re good on the home front, assess your health and fitness level. Are you taking care of your body to the same degree that you tend to your business? Are you getting enough restful sleep? Do you feel at your best? If not, set a goal. Entrepreneurship can’t survive if it’s leader isn’t well. You must take care of yourself if you want to put your best foot forward in business.

Lastly, consider your stress level. Could you benefit from a few extra hours a week devoted solely to self care and relaxation? Have you been taking enough time to recharge and smell the roses? Are you vacationing enough? If any of these points present areas that you could use some improvement, make the changes happen. A healthy work-life balance creates both time for work and time to enjoy what you’ve worked for. Remember that success is great, but it isn’t everything.

Taking control of your future by becoming your own boss is a rewarding challenge. Entrepreneurship requires courage, dedication and a healthy dose of ambition. Above all else, it requires time. Many business owners have endured the battle of finding the ideal work-life balance and for most, it’s an ongoing challenge. But it is achievable. Stay committed to carving out a healthy amount of personal time and enjoy the positive impact that balance can bring.

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