What if we could have life of abundance?
What if we could have six Saturdays and a Sunday?

That’s what financial freedom offers; the freedom of choices in life that are not limited by our income – ultimately, money is no longer an obstacle. With financial freedom comes greater mental peace, life satisfaction and time.

Financially free people use their time differently than people who are still working toward that liberty. People who’ve found financial freedom don’t need to devote as much time to business tasks because they allow their finances to work for them. Those who have yet to obtain that freedom are forced to make paying off bills and debts their priority. In simpler times, hard work sewn reaped a greater yield. Today it’s a whole different world; you can pour countless hours into your career and still fail to net any worthwhile return on investment. Jordan and Janelle realized this soon after leaving college and entering the workforce and wanted to control their lives, and decided that they wanted to take the limits off. They saw other people who were able to accomplish financial freedom at a young age and that fueled them to want to do something more – they aimed to be young, wealthy and free. Not only did they accomplish that goal, they accomplished so much more.

Jordan and Janelle adore traveling. In their former careers, jet setting across the world on a whim was unreachable and unrealistic. Today, as proud entrepreneurs, the Kellers candidly admit that the gift of travel is the best part of attaining financial freedom. As accomplished business owners, they have both the time and capital to simply pick up and go without worry. In the hustle and bustle of many households, managing full-time jobs and a family leaves little time and energy to plan a getaway. Additionally, traditional careers limit the number of vacation days available. To make matters worse, bucket list destinations are only affordable once-in-a-lifetime and many families have to save up for years just to afford one awe inspiring trip. Financial freedom destroys those limits. With no boss to answer to and no destination too far, the travel possibilities are endless and the Kellers are doing their best to take advantage of the blessing they’ve received. Now, as a family of five, the couple plans to continue to explore the world and help others reach their goal of doing the same.