How to Be the Best Parent for Free-Spirited Children

Free-spirited children don’t fit the average mold. While other kids discover societal norms and do their best to blend in, free-spirited children don’t compare themselves to the majority – they move to the beat of their own drum. It can be challenging to strike the perfect balance between offering support and providing the space independent children need to thrive. But rest assured, it is a challenge worth conquering. Keep reading to learn how to be the best parent for free-spirited children.

Manage Your Expectations

Free-spirited adults often express how they’ve let the people in their lives down. They’ve been labeled as careless wanderers who avoid commitment. Their parents wanted them to hone down a singular hobby, follow a rigid career path or be more competitive. Friends have been frustrated by their tendency to lose track of time, retreat to solitude and hold differing opinions. Teachers labeled them as daydreamers who didn’t work hard enough and coworkers complain about their laid-back attitude. All their lives, they’ve been told they were in the wrong. Imagine carrying that burden every day. 

As parents of free-spirited children, you have the chance to affirm their approach to life and celebrate their differences. You can accept them as they are instead of expecting them to be people they’re not. And you can view their quirks as gifts, instead of curses. Know that your children are natural born leaders who are extremely loyal to their inner voice. They do things on their own terms and are passionate about their happiness. They are creative, appreciative, emotional and won’t change for anyone. Your children are unique and worthy of your approval. Make sure to stress that no matter what path they choose, you love them unconditionally.

Be An Advocate

Free-spirited children won’t always be in the presence of people who understand. They won’t always feel free to be themselves or know how to articulate their needs. That’s why they have you. You are your children’s interpreter and first line of defense. Though you can’t protect them from everything (and shouldn’t), there will be occasions where you need to intercede on their behalf. 

It’s important to help others understand your children may: need extra time and space, wish to take a different path than their peers, or do things unconventionally. You must be willing to boldly voice their need for accommodations. Only you know exactly what your children require to be successful and happy. Naturally, your vantage point allows you to serve as an excellent advocate. Free-spirited children need to feel their parents are willing to proudly go to bat for them. Being an advocate also means you refuse to let outside sources suggest your little ones should conform or assimilate to make others comfortable. The world should know you are on your children’s team and will always represent their best interest.   

In today’s world, free-spirited people must exhibit courage and conviction. It’s not easy to have a personality that stands out from the crowd. However, the obstacles are easier to overcome with the right kind of support. Help your free-spirited children shine with the tips listed above.

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