Janelle and Jordan Keller did everything they were taught to do. They went to school, got good jobs and worked hard. According to society, that was the formula required to make all of their dreams come true. But after being married for about a year, they saw that wasn’t the way. The Kellers had long careers ahead of them with no breakthroughs in sight. Work was exhausting, but they couldn’t leave their careers. Or could they?

After speaking with a friend about entrepreneurship, Janelle was inspire to make the jump. Jordan, however, wasn’t as convinced. After a few months of convincing, Jordan saw the vision too, and the pair set out to earn additional income. Originally, they thought they’d be set if they could bring in a mere four hundred extra dollars a month, but little did they know, there was a much greater calling waiting for the Kellers.

Although neither Jordan nor Janelle had prior entrepreneurial experience, they knew that they wanted to take control of their own lives and be rewarded financially for it, too. Even without experience, they were entrepreneurs at heart. The Kellers understood that they could obtain success by connecting with a system, maintaining an open door relationship with their mentors and staying consistent.

“Ultimately, entrepreneurship is about the freedom to create and be rewarded for the effort.”

Jordan and Janelle quickly learned that entrepreneurship allows people to take their talents and abilities and grow assets of their own instead of being stunted by the limitation of traditional jobs. People who are financially successful don’t just work to make money, they work to build assets; something that generates income when it’s done right. Business ownership means building your own future instead of your boss’.
The best part of entrepreneurship is there are no ceilings; only unlimited potential and the freedom to excel.

“No one can tell you what you’re worth.”

To be succeed in entrepreneurship, you need:

  • A desire to grow.
  • The willingness to work hard and not be afraid to make mistakes.
  • The realization that successes are based on failures we needed to overcome.
  • The understanding that entrepreneurship takes unwavering personal responsibility.

The end result is providing something of value for other people.