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”Never forget where you came from and where you started”

Never forget where you came from and where you started”
Jordan was raised in a small, blue collar Pennsylvanian town. His rural community was filled with professional farmers by day and football fanatics by night. Jordan likens his community’s devotion to high school football to the movie Friday Night Lights. It was no surprise that Jordan, too, was bit by the football bug. He joined the football team and became a town hero because of his impressive skills.
Outside of sports, growing up he enjoyed a fun and loving childhood, despite his family’s humble lifestyle. Jordan’s father was his hero. As a matter of fact, Jordan never even knew that his family, comprised of a coupon cutting mother and high school English teaching father, lived differently than others. Jordan thought that his family’s tight budget and father’s second job were all just a normal part of life.
Janelle also was raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. As a child, she was a good student who did well in school, but sports were her true passion. In high school she played field hockey, basketball and softball, but field hockey had her heart. She was offered an athletic scholarship to play for Penn State and bravely conquered the challenge of completing in such a large school. During her junior year she reconnected with Jordan, who had mutual friends stemming from the athletic community. By that point, Jordan had already begun his teaching and coaching career. Post graduation, the two became one in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Jordan continued his teaching career as a high school English teacher, while Janelle landed a job in a criminal justice position as a parole and probation officer.
“Never settle for mediocrity”
Jordan and Janelle went to great schools, received an excellent education and were gainfully employed. They checked off all the boxes that should’ve led to the American dream, but they didn’t feel like there were on the path to wealth. Janelle would’ve been fine living Jordans dream and being a coach’s wife, but the couple did the same thing every day and knew there was more to life. They had debt from Jordan’s college tuition, then incurred even more by trying to furnish their home. The dream wasn’t within reach.